A wide variety of volunteer positions available. Please call or email us for more information!

Board Member – Board of Directors

BGC Greater Fredericton is seeking candidates to fulfill positions on their Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for fulfilling governance responsibilities, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and bylaws, conducting board business effectively and efficiently, and holding overall accountability for their performance. The Members of the Board of Directors will propose/review policies and practices, assist in the development and review of the Strategic Plan, monitor financial results and planning, evaluate organizational performance, and sit on various committees. Other responsibilities will include appointing the chairpersons of committees, in consultation with other board members and the performance of other duties as needed and/or as defined in the Governing policies and bylaws.

Those interested in applying should do so by submitting a letter of interest (email or attached) as well as a resume to: JoinUs@bgcgreaterfredericton.com. Please indicate what interests you in the position, your intention and any related experience in your email/letter. Applications are open until January 10, 2022.

Volunteer Coordinator

Will work with staff to develop and maintain a Volunteer Coordinator role within the organization. The Coordinator will then be responsible for intake of applications and the overall volunteer screening process (supported by the admin staff) and coordination with Program Managers for scheduling and placing new volunteers. Coordinator needs to be organized and work well as part of a team. This is an exciting opportunity for a volunteer wanting an outlet to SHINE, use existing skills, network in the community and make a strong impact. Please fill out the Application form and submit to the administration office (see below)

General Maintenance Volunteers Needed!

Odd Jobs, fix-it jobs, light carpentry, cleaning, etc. Please fill out the Application form and submit to the administration office (see below)

Application Form

Currently there are no Volunteer roles available

Please forward applications to:
Fax: 472-8947
Mail: 499 Canterbury Drive, Fredericton, NB, E3B 4M4

For more information or for an email to submit your application, please fill out the following form: